"Thank you to everyone. Even though he's a special child, all we hope for is that he can grow up safely and healthily, learn a skill to be independent in the future. Currently, our biggest wish is for our child to overcome this difficulty."

9-year-old Ooi Wen Jing from Penang, who has a congenital heart condition, has already had his heart defect repaired in his childhood. However, two years ago, during a regular check-up, the doctors discovered that there was muscle fiber growth below the aortic valve affecting oxygen supply. After a two-year observation period, the doctors have now informed the family that he needs surgery as soon as possible.

Ooi Wen Jing is a hyperactive child with learning difficulties, and his father has been anxious and worried, especially about his son's health. They hope that the surgery will go smoothly.

With the required surgery cost of RM 90,000 already raised, the parents are immensely grateful for the timely support from the public, giving their child a chance at the surgery and hoping for his safe and healthy future. Thank you to all the kind-hearted individuals for their assistance.