"I'm relieved that I didn't vomit when I entered the ICU following the kidney transplant surgery and that I didn't have too much hard work and had no side effects. In comparison to the prior hard work, I finally completed all of them. I feel very happy now as if I have been reborn."

Poh Bee Lean, a 50-year-old dialysis patient, was donated a kidney by her 54-year-old best friend GOH KOOI HWA. On January 10, the two kidney transplants were completed successfully. After a 4-5 hour surgery, Poh Bee Lean was admitted to the hospital for observation until January. She was allowed to be discharged on the 17th. She appeared to be in good spirits and physical condition before being discharged from the hospital, but the wound was still painful, and she couldn't make major movements or strides for the time being.

Poh Bee Lean will need to return to the hospital frequently for follow-up visits over the next three months so that the medical staff can closely monitor her physical condition. She will also need to take anti-rejection medications for a long time, and the number of visits will be reduced gradually until her condition stabilizes.

Poh Bee Lean was admitted to the hospital on December 27 of last year to prepare for a kidney transplant and must be tested on a daily basis. With the successful kidney transplant, it is finally time to say goodbye to the agony of dialysis; as for my best friend GOH KOOI HWA, she stayed in the hospital for about 3 days after the surgery for observation before being released. The wound, however, is currently painful and requires regular follow-up visits.

Poh Bee Lean thanked the public for their encouragement and blessings, and she was especially grateful for her best friend's sacrifice, which allowed her to be reborn.

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