Emergency assistance, After confirming her stroke, Qiu Xiu Jun was rushed to a specialized hospital for an endovascular thrombectomy. She not only saved her life, but she was also able to move her hands and feet. Get physical therapy, etc., and hopefully, she will be able to return to normalcy in no time.

Her boyfriend Chang Sek Moon @ Thung Sek Moon (56 years old) admitted that he felt helpless when he learned that urgent surgery was required during prime time and that a large surgical fee was required. Fortunately, with the help of ONE HOPE CHARITY and public donations, Qiu Xiu Jun was able to have the surgery in an emergency, saving his life.

Qiu Xiu Jun's condition is gradually improving after the surgery, and we believe she will be discharged after a few days in the hospital. Her friend will take care of her meals and daily life after she is discharged from the hospital, while her boyfriend will continue to work to cover living expenses.