Rainee Chin was finally admitted to the hospital for binaural cochlear implant surgery on February 14. The operation went very well, and she stayed in the hospital for observation for two days before being discharged. She returned to the hospital one month later to activate the cochlear implant and adjust her pitch. Rainee will then begin speech therapy, where she will learn about sound recognition and pronunciation.

This is a long educational process, and the parents are already prepared to accompany their only daughter from Alor Setar, Kedah, to Penang Hospital on a regular basis for speech therapy. The parents are very grateful to the public for their kindness in caring for their daughter. Apart from being grateful, they have nothing to repay, and they promise to continue to do good deeds in the future to help sick people in need.

Rainee Chin, a 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed as deaf in both ears, is about to enter kindergarten, but she only calls her father and babbles, which makes the parents deeply worried and anxious, hoping that the child can lead a normal life. Now that the child has taken the first step of being implanted with a cochlear implant, we hope that Rainee Chin can regain a new life, be able to listen to beautiful sounds, and catch up with her learning progress.