Last December, Baby Reese Tan Rui Xin, whose treatment for the SMA gene disease required a hefty sum, garnered attention from all over. After six months of medication, little Rui Xin's legs have gradually gained strength.

As seen in the video, Baby Reese can now sit on a children's car and push it forward step by step using her own legs. Every step of progress is truly worth applauding.

At the age of 2, Reese is fortunate to have loving parents, and what's even more fortunate is the guardianship and care from kind-hearted people from around the world. This support allowed her to receive treatment before the age of 2 and achieve positive results and progress.

In response to the inquiries and concerns from the public, the foundation would like to provide an update on Reese's current condition.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in the Baby Reese life-saving campaign and to all those who have shown care and concern for her. Your donations, prayers, and encouragement have collectively helped Reese stand up and take her first steps in life.

Please help spread the good news to your friends and family, and feel free to tag and share this message with your loved ones to collectively send blessings to Reese.

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