The 73-year-old man, Seng Ah Kau, had a heart valve that could not close properly. On August 4th, he underwent successful heart valve replacement surgery, along with repairs to another valve. Although the surgery was a success, he couldn't be discharged due to a slow heartbeat. He had to remain in the hospital for observation until August 16th, when he was finally given the green light to go home. Seng Ah Kau no longer experiences shortness of breath and can now live a normal life, even allowing himself to smile.

He is incredibly grateful for the generosity of the community, which has helped him regain his daily life. Besides expressing his thanks for the assistance he has received, he promises to continue working and contributing to society, as well as returning to his former profession, selling durians to make a living.

Seng Ah Kau, hailing from Butterworth, was once a robust durian farmer who could traverse his durian orchards with ease. His forte was selling durians, and he could passionately discuss various durian varieties. However, in the past six months, he experienced severe shortness of breath, coughing, and loss of appetite. He was diagnosed with a heart valve issue that affected his heart's ability to pump oxygen efficiently. Without surgery, he faced an increased risk of stroke and potential kidney failure, necessitating dialysis.