Seshugan Rao A/L Sampasiva Rao, an Indian young man with a rare Crohn's disease, has a bright future and lofty goals. His wish is still dependent on the public's support and strength.

Seshugan Rao, from Rawang, Selangor, stands at 167cm and weighs only 42kg. He appears to be a paper man who has recovered from a 30kg weight loss in the past. Despite his illness, he persisted in finishing his university studies. He was more conscientious, working two jobs and eventually becoming the family's primary breadwinner.

Because the cost of the medicine he requires has risen, he must now visit the hospital every month for injections. In addition to being grateful, he is looking forward to getting rid of the ostomy bag after repairing the large intestine, repositioning the large intestine, and returning to normal life.

He is extremely grateful for the opportunity of "rebirth" provided by generous individuals, allowing him to begin a new life.