A septuagenarian, Yip Wai Choe, who had been living as a homeless person at the Kampung Baru market in Bukit Mertajam, found himself at a crossroads after a car accident left him injured with a broken leg. He had been sleeping on the streets, using the market stalls as his bed and the public restroom for personal hygiene. His daily meals were provided by kind-hearted individuals, and he had no belongings left because they had been stolen.

As he grew older and his memory started to decline, Yip Wai Choe began forgetting things and developed a desire to stay in a nursing home.

Recently, after having his meals at a coffee shop and attempting to return to the market across the road, he was struck by a car. He was subsequently taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a broken leg, a scraped elbow, and required several stitches. He was discharged from the hospital after one day but was uncertain about his future.

He not only needed a shelter with a roof over his head and regular meals but also required regular hospital visits for follow-up treatment and rehabilitation of his injuries. He struggled to recall the details of the accident and even the daily routines of selling newspapers at the market due to memory lapses.

In his younger days, Yip Wai Choe worked as a goldsmith, and later he sold newspapers at the market. His life revolved around the market, where he ate, drank, and slept in the stalls. Unfortunately, he often fell victim to theft, losing his personal belongings, and faced challenges from unsavory acquaintances.

Yip Wai Choe has one older brother who is 77 years old but is unable to provide care due to his own limitations.

One Hope Charity had been in the process of arranging for him to stay in a nursing home, and upon his hospital discharge, they collected some of his belongings from the market and settled him into the nursing home. They hope that he can now recover without further worries and receive proper care in a safe environment.

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