Under the heartfelt blessings of kind-hearted individuals, Siew Sok Wai, who suffers from heart disease, has successfully completed her first surgery, which went smoothly. She has now recovered and been discharged from the hospital!

Siew Sok Wai revealed after the surgery that there were some minor complications, such as reduced hemoglobin levels and the discovery that the heart valve was covering a larger hole than expected. However, the lead surgeon successfully performed the closure surgery for ventricular septal defect (VSD), repairing the hole and avoiding the need for a blood transfusion.

Siew Sok Wai's husband, Lo Nyuk Min, who accompanied her, mentioned that she was initially sent to the intensive care unit for preliminary observation after the surgery. Once it was confirmed that she could breathe independently, she was transferred to a regular ward. She was allowed to leave the hospital after approximately 4 days of postoperative stay. It is reported that Siew Sok Wai's current physical condition is stable, and she will have regular follow-up appointments at the hospital.

Siew Sok Wai was born with a hereditary heart condition involving a hole in the heart. She had been regularly visiting the hospital since childhood and safely passed through her childhood and adolescence. However, changes in her body started to occur when she entered the workforce. Faced with long hours of work and stress, her body began experiencing various issues, leading her to resign and become a housekeeper.

She once again expresses gratitude for the blessings and support from the public, which allowed her to receive timely treatment. She also hopes for stability in her life going forward. ONE HOPE CHARITY is equally grateful for the assistance from generous individuals across different sectors and prays for Siew Sok Wai's health and well-being.