Sim Jun Ee, whose spine was scoliosis 90-degree angle, has finally regained his upright posture!

Seventeen-year-old Sim Jun Ee had been living with a 90-degree curvature of the spine. He underwent a successful spinal correction surgery on July 12th, lasting approximately two hours. The surgery went well, and he was granted permission to leave the hospital on July 15th.

In the past, Sim Jun Ee had often attracted attention due to his spinal deformity, and he would wear T-shirts along with a jacket to conceal his protruding shoulder blades. With his surgery now completed, he will need two months of rest and is expected to return to work in October. He will no longer need to wear a jacket to conceal his spinal curvature.

Sim Jun Ee and his family are deeply grateful for the assistance provided by One Hope Charity. They also express their gratitude to the medical team and the kind-hearted individuals whose support has allowed Jun Ee to finally stand tall and face the future with confidence.