IPPT plans to build the Palliative ward to accommodate terminal cancer patients and provide hospice care to ease their suffering.

The ward is expected to cost RM2.5 million to build.

ONE HOPE CHARITY has always been concerned about the disadvantaged groups, and even more concerned about the needs of life, elder age, sickness, and death. In addition to assisting with medical expenses, sheltering, and funeral assistance, we also care about the physical and mental health of the terminally ill. Therefore, we have taken action to support IPPT in the construction of the hospice care ward by donating RM20,000 for the construction funds.

Dato' Chua Sui Hau, chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY led a team to personally visit and hand over the mock cheque to the institution, which was received by the representative of the project leader, Dr. Imran Abdul Khalid.