The 64-year-old lady, Tan Hong Lay, who was struggling with her health, has now been admitted to a nursing home. Her son, Lim Boon Leong, has been granted discharge after losing 15 kilograms in weight. However, as he still weighs 210 kilograms, the hospital plans to readmit him for a four-month weight reduction program.

Lim Boon Leong, upon his discharge, admitted that he actually intends to seek employment once everything stabilizes. He is interested in finding work as a security guard or a driver. Therefore, he hopes his mother can continue to stay in the nursing home until she becomes self-sufficient. His gratitude extends to the support of the community, which not only lightens his load but also ensures his mother's well-being. He hopes to personally care for his mother during holidays once she becomes self-reliant. Currently, caring for his mother, who has difficulties, is a heavy burden for him.

Tan Hong Lay needs time to adjust to life in the nursing home and hopes her son can eventually bring her home. However, her son faces his own challenges, so she is gradually adapting to life in the nursing home. One Hope Charity is also grateful for the generosity of the community, which is helping this mother and son get through a difficult period.