When Tan Hui Xin went to the hospital for examination a few days ago, the doctor found signs of deterioration, so she was immediately arranged for admission and preoperative examination for her. Hui Xin will undergo surgery on the 22nd (Thursday), which is also her fourth heart surgery since her birth.

Hui Xin is the only child of her parents, and her worried parents hope that her daughter's surgery will go smoothly and she will get through this stage safely.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) student Tan Hui Xin (21 years old) was diagnosed with pulmonary artery atresia combined with ventricular septal defect (PA-VSD) since childhood. She had undergone 3 surgeries when she was a child. Now, she found signs of cardiovascular sclerosis during her follow-up visit and needed to be repaired by surgery.

The required RM90,000 surgery fee has been raised. She and her parents are very grateful to all the donors, as well as the encouragement and blessings of the public.

Her wish is to work in the society after graduation. In addition to giving back to the society and repaying her parents, she also promises to do her best to help those in need, and is grateful for the life-saving grace from the public.