Tan Kek Meng's wife,  Hwong Lee Chin (80 years old), openly admits that if her husband had not suffered a stroke, they would have lived a very modest life. Now, they are faced with substantial medical expenses, which they are truly unable to cover.

"If we had the means, we wouldn't have to seek help from others. Thank you to ONE HOPE CHARITY and the public for their charitable donations and encouragement."

"We are both elderly, and the way we can give back to society is by donating our bodies after our passing. We have already signed a body donation consent form, hoping it can help society in the future."

This loving elderly Chinese couple from Penang, who have been married for many decades, found their lives drastically changed when the 84-year-old husband, Tan Kek Meng, suffered a sudden stroke and became bedridden. He requires nursing home care, acupuncture, physical therapy, as well as expenses for milk powder and diapers, placing a heavy burden on his wife, who suffers from depression.

With the necessary funds for his medical expenses already raised, the fundraising efforts have been halted.

After volunteer home visits and hospital visits, Tan Kek Meng's condition has stabilized since his discharge. The stroke affected the left side of his brain, leading to impaired mobility on his right side. He is currently receiving nutrition through a feeding tube and requires regular rehabilitation. He is able to speak and is aware of his stroke. He hopes for a speedy recovery and extends his gratitude to the public for their assistance.