In a short span, 12-year-old Tang Xue Ting's scoliosis worsened to a frightening 80 degrees, leaving her parents in shock. After various examinations, the doctor scheduled Xue Ting for scoliosis correction surgery on September 20th. Her parents hope for a successful surgery and for her to grow up healthy and vibrant.

Xue Ting used to enjoy playing badminton, but due to the fear that her severe scoliosis might compress her internal organs, she had to give it up. With surgery now scheduled, her biggest hope is that after the procedure and a stable recovery period, she can resume playing badminton.

Hailing from Kedah, Tang Xue Ting spent the past year trying chiropractic and osteopathic treatments. Instead of improvement, her spinal condition deteriorated to an 80-degree curve. Her parents were alarmed and quickly sought medical advice. They were told that surgery was necessary, but they lacked the financial means to cover the required medical expenses, leading them to seek help.

With One Hope Charity's fundraising efforts that successfully collected RM60,000 for the surgery, follow-up costs, transportation, and accommodation, her parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief. They are immensely grateful for the support of the community. Without One Hope Charity and public assistance, their daughter might not have been able to undergo the necessary surgery in a timely manner. They express their heartfelt thanks for the generous contributions of the public and pledge to give back and perform acts of charity in the future.