"I'll actively seek treatment, and I'll approach this issue with courage and hope. I'll resume my studies while baking a tonne of sweets for my loved ones."

Tay Jia Chen (15 years old), who has acute T-cell leukemia (T-Cell ALL), has already amassed enough funds to cover her RM35,000 in medical bills. His father appreciates the altruistic assistance from people from all walks of life. The strain on the economy has been momentarily reduced.

After the initial round of chemotherapy is over, the doctor will check on the patient's physical state, confirm the treatment's effectiveness, and then decide on the next round of therapy, which may involve extending the time between treatments or reducing the number of times.

Despite having ailments, Jia Chen was aware of the high expense of therapy and the unstable nature of his family's finances. He once requested that they stop giving him the therapy, saying that it would be better for him to put up with the suffering than to disgrace his father. The Father is currently unable to work since he has to care for his children. Without even considering the costs of his medical care, he can only rely on his brother and sister for support.

With the assistance of ONE HOPE CHARITY & WELFARE, the RM35,000 of medical expenses has been raised. ONE HOPE CHARITY also appreciates the generosity of the public and asks that everyone unite in prayer for Jia Chen so that he can get well quickly and live the long, healthy life he deserves.