Baby Thalia Inara is scheduled to undergo surgery on August 30th. The required RM70,000 medical expenses have already been raised, and fundraising efforts will cease from now on. However, everyone is urged to continue praying for and supporting the baby.

Baby Thalia Inara bt Mohammad Akmal Afiq is the first baby of her parents' after their marriage. The family joyously welcomed her arrival, only to be informed that she was suffering from a rare and complex heart condition. To survive, she needed surgery at the optimal moment.

With the RM70,000 surgical expenses for Thalia Inara having been fully raised, her parents are deeply grateful for the support extended by the community. They especially appreciate the assistance from people of all races, which enabled the quick arrangement of the surgery for their child. They promise to take good care of their baby, not wanting to let down the blessings entrusted to them by others. They hope for a successful surgery and the baby's healthy growth.

Upon her birth, it was discovered that the baby had cyanosis and low oxygen levels throughout her body. She was urgently transferred to the intensive care unit and relied on oxygen support. After medical examinations, doctors suspected a hole in her heart. The next day, she was referred to a central hospital, where tests confirmed that she had a hole in her heart and was also missing a crucial blood vessel connecting the heart to the lungs. This condition, known as Pulmonary Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defect (PA-VSD), is a complex congenital heart disease.