"When our baby had been in the hospital for 47 days, the doctor told us, 'Congratulations, the baby's surgery was successful, and she can be discharged tomorrow.' Upon hearing this, tears of joy welled up in the hearts of both my spouse and me."

Thalia Inara bt Mohammad Akmal Afiq, a baby girl from Padang Serai, was diagnosed with a rare and complex heart deformity since birth. At that time, the doctors informed us that the baby needed immediate surgery, or her little heart would gradually weaken.

Fortunately, with the support of the public's donations, the baby girl successfully underwent surgery, and her progress has been smooth. She was granted permission to be discharged on September 9.

Her mother, Nurul Syakina Dyana bt Zaidi, shared that the child had been receiving treatment and observation at the hospital from the moment of birth until the completion of the surgery. When we brought the child back home, the family's elders were very excited to see Thalia Inara.

The family is immensely thankful for the help of the community, which allowed them to reunite as a family. Subsequently, with smiles on their faces, the parents carried Thalia Inara as they visited One Hope Charity's office to express their gratitude.