"I am grateful for everyone's contributions. My mother was concerned and even cried when she learned I needed heart surgery. She can finally relax and be with me now that the surgery fee has been fully raised."

Tinaraj Pithavadian, 38, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease following a physical examination last year. In three months, the hole in his heart had grown to nearly 3cm. He, who has always enjoyed sports and running around since he was a child, was forced to stay as still as possible, limit his outings, and was temporarily unable to work.

Tinaraj Pithavadian urgently requires RM30,000 for surgery due to the threat of heart disease to his life, but his family has no extra savings to cover the cost. He used to be very conscientious about delivering couriers, but now that he has relatives and friends to help with the business, his income is not as good as it once was. Every month, he must repay the loan and cover the family's basic expenses. He sometimes has to rely on his mother to help with the family by working as a temporary nanny.

The required operations have now been fully funded. He disclosed that he is thinking about selling the trucks and courier company with the intention of starting over after the operation. We wish him a speedy post-surgery recovery and return to normal activities.

We would like to thank the public for their countless blessings and support to Tinaraj Pithavadian.