"We were preparing for our younger son's wedding when suddenly our elder son had a stroke. Without surgery, he wouldn't be able to take care of himself, and we were under immense pressure. Thank you to everyone for making sure our son had the surgery in time and helping us get through this difficult time."

After receiving an urgent case request, ONE HOPE CHARITY acted quickly, and the baker, Wang Hong Guan, who was confirmed to have suffered a stroke, was arranged for mechanical thrombectomy surgery. The surgery was successful, and his condition has been improving. He now has sensations and responses in his limbs.

The doctors have reported that the surgery was successful, and as long as there is no further bleeding in the brain, they plan to transfer him back to a government hospital for continued observation. He is expected to regain 70% of his daily activities after the surgery, but the crucial next three months will require diligent rehabilitation.

The elderly mother expressed her gratitude, saying she had been holding back her emotions all day after her elder son's incident. She was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude upon learning that the remaining medical expenses had been covered. She thanked the public for not only ensuring her son's successful surgery but also for helping the family get through this challenging period.