Baby Wong Cheng Le, who was diagnosed with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) due to premature birth, has displayed remarkable resilience. After spending 4 days in the intensive care unit relying on respiratory assistance, his condition gradually improved, and he started to regain his natural color. He has also gradually been weaned off respiratory support.

Although the breathing and feeding tubes have been removed, the baby still faces some breathing difficulties, requiring further observation at the hospital for an estimated week. His mother is trying to breastfeed in hopes of boosting his immune system.

With the medical expenses of RM90,000 now fully covered, the parents, who were once overwhelmed and distressed, can now find relief and focus on supporting their child.

The couple is immensely grateful for the support of the community, which has provided them with a lifeline during their time of need. Their gratitude has inspired the father to pledge future acts of charity to give back to society.

With the collective blessings and contributions from the community, they hope for their baby's swift recovery and reunion with the family at home.