The remaining RM60,000 that Vyan Cey needs have been raised in full. Please continue to pray for her, and may she be able to complete the procedure successfully and be free from heart disease forever.

The family is extremely appreciative of all the donations received. Regarding Vyan Cey's physical condition in the future, the family can only hope that this is the last time the child needs surgery, because the injury is on the child, but the pain is in the parents' hearts.

2-year-old Wong Vyan Cey was born and was diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease. She had an operation when she was 6 days old. The parents expected the child's body to recover, but at the end of last year, they discovered that Vyan Cey's breathing had become short of breath. Following the examination, they were informed that the pulmonary vein obstruction required immediate surgery.

Her lips and fingers do not appear cyanotic at the moment, but she will become breathless after playing with her brother or running a little. The child's unstable health makes the family anxious every day, and they also have to be concerned about the cost of treatment.

ONE HOPE CHARITY would like to thank everyone who contributed and hopes that Vyan Cey will be able to receive treatment and reunite with her parents and brother in good health as soon as possible.