After successfully raising the medical expenses for their child, Wong Ye Tong, parents Wong Soon Yu and Chiew Jun Ting express their heartfelt gratitude to the kind-hearted public. They thank everyone for the selfless blessings given to Ye Tong and reveal their intention to give back to society and help those in need once the situation stabilizes.

"For Ye Tong, we will follow the doctor's advice and continue with her treatment and observation. Thankfully, the doctor previously informed us that her intelligence has not been affected, and her body is growing well. Now, our only hope is that her condition will stabilize, and she can grow up healthily."

At just 19 months old, Ye Tong has undergone around 19 major and minor surgeries. Her strong will to live is admirable and heartwarming. The required RM80,000 for her medical expenses was quickly raised within 2 hours.

Ye Tong was born at a hospital in Malacca and was found to have a bacterial infection in her gastrointestinal tract. After a week of receiving antibiotics in the hospital, she was discharged. However, after various tests, doctors confirmed that she had bacterial meningitis. Despite undergoing surgery, her condition remained challenging, leaving her family feeling helpless.

One Hope Charity is grateful to the kind-hearted people from all walks of life for their blessings and support for Ye Tong, enabling her and her family to receive timely assistance. They also hope that Ye Tong will recover soon and have a happy childhood.