62-year-old Yeoh Hoe Hin from Penang's will have a follow-up appointment at the hospital on July 20th, where the doctor will schedule a date for his surgery. He hopes that after the operation, which involves the implantation of metal plates for support, he will be able to walk again and take care of himself without relying on others.

Yeoh Hoe Hin expresses his reliance on diapers due to his inability to move, and even showering requires assistance from his nephew. Therefore, he eagerly looks forward to being able to take care of himself and continue working to support himself after the surgery.

With the necessary surgery funds of RM35,000 raised, he is extremely grateful for the generosity of the public, which has made the operation possible. One Hope Charity also appreciates the kind-hearted donations from the public, which have provided Yeoh Hoe Hin with the opportunity to recover and regain his health.