The 46-year-old head of the family, Zulkarnain bin Muslim, had multiple cerebral vessel occlusions and was unable to move his left side. His speech was slurred. After the procedure, he is not only able to speak clearly but also to freely move his left limbs. His condition has significantly improved, and it is anticipated that he will soon resume his regular activities.

After the patient had a stroke, his wife immediately sought help from ONE HOPE CHARITY. ONE HOPE CHARITY also urgently reviewed and approved the case, and immediately transferred him to another hospital for surgery.

The 46-year-old wife Rozita bt Abu Bakar is very grateful to the enthusiastic people from all over the world. Regardless of race and religion, everyone has given a helping hand to her husband and kept her and her children a complete home. She and the children are very touched. She promised to do charity to help more needy people and to promote ONE HOPE CHARITY so that these helpless patients could seek assistance.

Zulkarnain bin Muslim suddenly fainted at work a few days ago, and his colleagues rushed the patient to a nearby hospital. After examination, the doctor found that his brain blood vessels were blocked in many places, and the blood-clearing medicine was still ineffective. The doctor informed the patient that mechanical thrombectomy should be performed in prime time, but the government hospital did not have the relevant equipment, so they could only refer the patient to the only stroke specialist hospital in Northern Malaysia with relevant technology for surgery.