By: Chua Sui Hau


Do you still remember the premature baby, Shiau Rou?


3 years ago when her mother is in Singapore, her water broke all of a sudden. Her mother was only 24 weeks pregnant and when she was born, she was only 655g.

As she is a very premature baby, she received treatment in Singapore and was not able to return to Malaysia. Her treatment cost kept increasing and with the help from the generous public, she was transferred back to Johor’s general hospital when she was 69 days old. (1.54kg)


After 101 days, she was 2.4kg.


After 3 years, Shiau Rou’s parents keep updating us about her condition. Seeing a life which was rescued and now, a normal child is very pleasing. She was the size of a palm 3 years ago but now, she is a healthy girl.


Shiau Rou is attending nursery now. She is learning ABC, 123. When we visited her, we can see her actively running, dancing and joking around.


She had a second chance in life all because of the guardian angels who are always beside her. We thank the generous donors who together gave her a second chance and creating miracles.