Urgent fundraising – Eloise Ang Xuan Rui (Premature Baby)



A micro preemie was born in Singapore after staying inside a womb for 24 weeks, weighing only 670 grams and has a body size of a palm. However, the premature baby girl was filled with determination to live and her parents would not want to give up on her precious life. The doctor advised that she must stay inside the incubator, but the parents would need an additional RM1.2 million for the medical expenses.

The baby girl, named Eloise Ang Xuan Rui, has her body covered in tubes, but she continues to fight for her life.

The parents could not make it back to Malaysia in time for delivery. Right now, not only are they concerned for their newborn daughter’s wellbeing, but the expensive medical fee has also put them in a tight corner. Despite all odds, the family would not give up on their child’s life and hope the public could save her soul.

【Palm-sized premature baby is expected to stay in the incubator until her expected delivery date. The medical fee costs RM1.25 million, but the parents would need RM1.2 million】

Ang Theam Seah, 32, and Koh Pei Ying, 29, got married on May 20 last year. Not long after marriage, Koh had to fly to Singapore to work, while Ang flew to Singapore last year for job-seeking.

Last year year-end, Koh successfully conceived Eloise and they were looking forward to welcoming their first child. She planned to deliver her child back in Sungai Petani Kedah when she was 8 months pregnant. Unexpectedly, on Feb 19, Koh Pei Ying, who was only pregnant for 24 weeks, developed abdominal pain. She was worried about her child in her womb, hence when going for a medical checkup, the doctor only prescribed her with maternal-fetal medicine and she was taking the medicine according to the doctor’s orders.

On Feb 21, she felt the pain in her abdomen again and this time, she was rushed to the hospital for the medical checkup. The doctor has found out that her vagina has already widened by a few centimetres. She was injected with gesterol and hoping that her child could stay inside her until the right time comes.

A few hours later, her condition became unstable and was taken another shot. However, further medical examination found that her vaginal opening has already been loosen enough for the baby to be given birth. On Feb 22 at 3 a.m., a baby girl was given birth. As she only lived inside the fetus for only 24 weeks, the doctors immediately put her in NICU for incubation for around 160 days. She can only leave the incubator on her expected date of delivery and when her condition becomes stable.

Young little Eloise came to this world in less than 28 weeks, which makes her a “micro preemie”. Her body only weighs 670 grams and has a body size of an adult-sized hand palm. Her skin was nearly transparent so that her bloodstream can be seen with the naked eye. Not only she must be taken great care, she has to be constantly monitored even at the most minute changes.

Because she was born at only 24 weeks of gestational age, many of her organs have not fully developed yet, including her lungs and her brain. Currently, she could not breathe on her own and must rely on breathing aid. On the bright side, the appearance of her body is fully developed.

The medical fee was estimated around 400,000 Singapore Dollars, which is equivalent to approximately RM1.25 million. The young couple can only bear around RM50,000 worth of medical expense, while urging that One Hope Charity could bear the rest of the expenses.

One Hope Charity will be in contact with the hospital in Singapore. We believe that we will cooperate with the hospital and, for the sake of little Eloise, would consider lowering the medical fee.

【The young married couple diligently working in Singapore, but could only bear RM50,000 worth of medical fee. They still need to pay another RM1.2 million】

The father, Ang Theam Seah, works as a coordinator at a construction company in Singapore with a monthly income of SGD 2700, while his wife, Koh Pei Ying, works in customer service for a loan department in Singapore, earning SGD 2768.

After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity agreed to launch a fundraiser to raise RM1.2 million for the medical expenses, in hopes that the young couple can have a peace of mind with their child.

Family agrees to allow One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and at the same time, accumulating the donations from the public. For enquiries, please contact our careline at 016-4192192, 019-2322192, 04-5059800.



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