Urgent Fundraising – Khaw Pow Pow (Scoliosis)



“11 years ago, I postponed my surgery as I was just given birth to my youngest child. I could not leave her for the surgery. Eleven years later, the scoliosis has stopped me from sitting and standing for a long time, and my back is sore. I can only lie down to make myself comfortable. The doctor told me to undergo surgery as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration in my condition.”

Khaw Pow Pow, a single mother from Mak Mandin in Butterworth, started to feel tired and out of breath last year, especially after standing o sitting for more than an hour. Her back was sore and uncomfortable, and she also felt numbness in her hands. She needed surgery to correct her scoliosis, and she hoped to get the help of RM55,000 for the surgery.

【Single mother Khaw Pow Pow cares for and raises her four children alone, and her children have finally grown up. She finally takes her scoliosis problem seriously after 11 years and decides to go for a spinal correction surgery】

Pow Pow often woke up in the middle of the night due to breathing difficulty in 2001. After seeing a doctor, the doctor suspected she had spine problems. She underwent an x-ray showing her spine was curved about 40 degrees. The doctor referred her to a hospital, but the hospital’s doctor then just recommended her for physiotherapy and some stretching exercises.

She went for scheduled follow-ups. Unexpectedly, the doctor found that her spine was 45-degree curved in June 2011 and 50-degree scoliosis in November of the same year. The doctor suggested she undergo surgery and told her that the risk was 50%. At that time, she just gave birth to her youngest daughter, so she decided to give up the surgery and went for regular follow-up visits.

However, since last year, she started to feel tired and out of breath. She could not stand or sit for a long time. She even started to have back pain and numbness in her hands whenever she cooked. In a follow-up visit in April this year, the doctor informed her that her spine was curved by 60 degrees and suggested she undergo surgery immediately. Otherwise, the risk would be greater if her condition worsened, and her recovery period might be prolonged due to osteoporosis. After having some serious considerations, she decided to undergo surgery.

Pow Pow is an indoor salesgirl earning RM3,280 monthly. She needs to pay for her house and car loans and raise her four children, aged 18, 15, 13 and 11.

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