Urgent Fundraising – Koh Pui See (Leukemia)



She is 17 and is interested in the field of broadcasting. She hopes to become an anchor in the future and desires to excel in life.

She is 17, so what she wants most at this moment is very simple – to return to school and have fun with her schoolmates and friends.

She is just 17, but she is a patient with acute myeloid leukaemia and urgently needs a bone marrow transplant to have a chance to fulfil her dreams.

Born in an ordinary family in Malacca, Koh Pui See lives with her parents. Her only brother had moved to Kuala Lumpur for work. She has a loving family and was always surrounded by friends when she attended school. Her life used to be happy and stable. However, the simple happiness was shattered in October last year.

One day after school, Pui See suddenly felt unwell. When breathing, She had angina pectoris, so her mother immediately sent her to the Malacca Hospital for a check-up. Examination revealed that the blood platelet and red blood cell counts were abnormal. She underwent a further bone marrow test, and the doctor diagnosed her with acute myeloid leukaemia. Since then, she has lost vitality in her life.

【The doctor found a matching bone marrow, but the transplant fee is high】

She started chemotherapy in late October. She needed to stay in the hospital for about three weeks during the chemotherapy. After returning home for about a week, she needed to return to the hospital for the next treatment course. Repeated hospital visits and treatment made her suffer, and she was too weak to cope with the school work, forcing her to suspend school temporarily. She also could not take the SPM exam together with her classmates.

Fate mercilessly closed her door, but fortunately, fate opened a window for her.

On the doctor’s advice, she and her family decided to go for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, commonly known as bone marrow transplantation. The doctor said her physical condition was not well, so she urgently needed bone marrow transplantation to survive. The procedure might also give her a chance to recover. However, her brother’s bone marrow was unsuitable, and the doctor did not recommend using her parents’ bone marrow. She failed to get a matching bone marrow donor locally, so the hospital sought assistance through the Singapore Bone Marrow Donor Programme.

After matching, they found a 100% matched bone marrow in Taiwan. However, the bone marrow transplant process did not succeed, so they sought help from another donor from Hong Kong. Although the hospital found a suitable bone marrow donor, her family could not afford the substantial medical expenses of S$45,000, nearly RM160,000.

Before undergoing bone marrow transplantation, she must continue with the chemotherapy and take medications regularly to control her condition. Her weekly medication expenses are RM2,000. In the past six months, her family has borne most of her treatment expenditures, and they sometimes need to borrow money from relatives and friends to buy medicines.

【Her family income can merely make ends meet, and they cannot afford the treatment】

Pui See’s 50-year-old father, Koh Chee Meng, is a chore man with a monthly income of about RM2,000. Her 44-year-old mother, Teoh Wei Wei, worked part-time in a vegetarian food supply factory, but she temporarily stopped working to care for Pui See. Her 24-year-old brother, Koh Mun Hong, works in a car tinting shop in Kuala Lumpur. He earns a basic salary of RM1,400, and his total pay is much depending on the volume of car-tinting films he installed.

Pui See and her parents rent an apartment for RM500 a month. They also have to pay for loans of two cars totalling RM1,350, basic living and miscellaneous expenses, and bear Pui See’s medication expenditures. Therefore, they cannot afford the substantial treatment fee amounting to RM160,000.

In desperation, Pui See’s parents turned to One Hope Charity for assistance. After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist Pui See in raising RM160,000 she needed for her treatment.

She and her family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

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