Urgent Fundraising – Zahra Binti Muhammad Saifullah (Heart Disease) 2.0



“I just hope my child can be active, play happily and have a joyful childhood. However, she needs surgery, or she doesn’t even have a chance to survive.”

Two-year-old girl Zahra Binti Muhammad Saifullah from Air Itam, Penang, is active. She does not have symptoms and looks like an ordinary child but suffers from congenital heart disease. She had heart surgery earlier. However, her heart vessels narrowed, and the function left only 10%. Her life is at stake, and she needs urgent surgery to continue her life.

Her parents are worried, but they cannot afford the surgical expenses. They can only pay RM10,000, so they hope the public can help them with the shortfall of RM80,000 to save their daughter.

【The two-year-old girl had cardiovascular stenosis at birth and had undergone surgery to save her life. However, in the follow-up visits for the past year, her cardiovascular narrowed from 30% to 90%, and the function is now left at 10%】

When her mother was pregnant, she had gestational diabetes. During the prenatal check-up at the 37th week, the doctor discovered the fetus’s activity rate and heart rate had dropped drastically. The doctor then performed an emergency caesarean section and rushed the baby to the intensive care unit. An examination revealed that the baby had an atrial septal defect (ASD) and underwent surgery when she was two months old.

After the surgery, the baby passed two years safely. A year ago, the doctor discovered her ventricular outflow tract obstruction (LVOTO) worsened from 30% to 90% during a follow-up visit. The doctor said she needed the resection sub-aortic fibro-muscular ridge and aortic valvotomy as soon as possible, which cost RM90,000. The parents were worried as they could not afford the surgical expenditure.

The girl’s 33-year-old father, Muhammad Saifullah Bin Mahboob, is a car rental company executive with a monthly salary of RM4,600. Her 33-year-old mother, Nur Fadhilah Bt Fasir Ahmad, is a housewife. The couple has two other children, aged six and seven. The husband and wife’s respective parents are also living with them. Nine people live under one roof; the father is the family’s breadwinner.

The father lived frugally, but his savings could only be enough to pay RM10,000 for his daughter’s surgery. He approached One Hope Charity to help him raise the remaining RM80,000.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist in raising the shortfall of RM80,000 in surgery expenses. The family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations