Urgent Fundraising – Koo Yen Tong (Scoliosis)



Her youth was once invincible, juggling academics while enjoying the vibrant energy of youth with friends, freely expressing the passion of youth and not letting the best years go to waste. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm was imprisoned by a fragile spine. Due to scoliosis, she can no longer engage in unilateral exercises; once active in athletics, she is now unsuitable for running. Not only in extracurricular activities, but she also cannot sit for long periods during classes. Even resting on the table after extended study sessions has become a challenge.

At the age of 16, Koo Yen Tong, during her standard sixth medical examination, was found to have abnormalities in her shoulders and back by a nurse. Eventually, scoliosis was diagnosed. At that time, she was informed that medication was not a viable treatment, and only massage therapy could be attempted. Her mother, Lee Kar Ling (41 years old), took her for massages for two years, but the curvature issue did not improve. After another X-ray, it was discovered that her spine continued to deform.

Unfortunately, they were unable to go to the hospital for further examination due to the pandemic at that time, and the check-up had to be postponed. Accompanied by her mother, Koo Yen Tong went to the hospital for an examination this year, only to be told by the doctor that the curvature of her spine had reached 47 degrees. Urgent corrective surgery is needed as soon as possible; otherwise, the problem will only worsen. The surgery cost is as high as RM50,000.

【Willing to leave her hometown for the sake of education, but the persistent issue of scoliosis continues to plague her, affecting her daily life and routine】

With an independent and mature personality, Koo Yen Tong is well-aware of her aspirations, placing a strong focus on her education and future. Upon entering secondary school, she made the courageous decision to leave her family in Kuala Lumpur and travel alone to Ipoh, Perak, for schooling. This move allowed her to reside in a dormitory, making the commute to school more convenient and enabling her to concentrate on her studies. However, due to her scoliosis, she often experiences stiffness and discomfort in her body if she sits for too long during classes, prompting the need to stand up and move around.

Concerned about her daughter's physical well-being affecting her daily life, especially not wanting her education to be compromised, Koo Yen Tong's mother, Lee Kar Ling, urgently wishes to alleviate her daughter's hardships. However, having been separated from her husband for over two years and single-handedly taking care of two children, Lee Kar Ling, a makeup trainer with a monthly salary of around RM5,600, has exhausted her savings and managed to contribute only RM10,000 towards the medical expenses, leaving a remaining balance of RM40,000.

Lee Kar Ling has monthly expenses including RM1,200 for rent, approximately RM500 for transportation, and education expenses totaling RM1,900 for both children's tuition and accommodation. On top of this, she also needs to cover other living expenses such as utilities and miscellaneous costs, exceeding RM1,300. The father of the children, facing work limitations due to a previous accident and now working as a taxi driver, can only contribute about RM300 for the children's living expenses. The couple also has a 14-year-old son.

Considering her daughter's health and future, Lee Kar Ling sought assistance from the One Hope Charity to cover the remaining RM40,000 for Koo Yen Tong's scoliosis medical expenses. After a thorough home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity has decided to assist in raising the remaining funds to ensure that she can promptly receive the necessary treatment.

After a thorough review, One Hope Charity has decided to assist in raising the necessary medical expenses. The family has entrusted all fundraising activities to the One Hope Charity and authorized them to collect the donations.

If you have any questions, you can contact the hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations