Urgent Fundraising – Mohd Rafi & Vicneswaran (Heart Disease)



Two patients are experiencing chest pain, breathlessness, and fatigue, indicating potential heart issues. They have sought medical consultation, and while their heart problems have been diagnosed, they are facing a significant waiting period for various tests. Unfortunately, these tests are scheduled for the end of this year to the middle of the next, and the prospects for treatment are even more uncertain.

Vicneswaran A/L Murugesu, a 41-year-old security guard, and Mohamad Rafi Bin Shah Din, a 64-year-old retired firefighter, have seen their symptoms worsen. With no options left, they are appealing for financial assistance to undergo coronary angiography (Angiogram), heart hole repair surgery, and subsequent treatment. They are in need of a total of RM48,000 for their medical expenses.

【Case 1:A 41-year-old security guard, serves as the economic pillar of his family. However, after undergoing angiogram, it was revealed that he has a heart defect that necessitates immediate surgery】

Vicneswaran A/L Murugesu, a 41-year-old man from Jawi, began experiencing frequent chest pains in April of this year. Additionally, his left hand started to feel numb. Initially, he disregarded these symptoms because he could still work. However, in early June, when he coughed up blood, his wife quickly rushed him to the hospital for medical attention.

The medical examination results revealed that two of his heart arteries were blocked, and there was a granular substance in his lungs that required further detailed examination. He was subsequently discharged from the hospital and given an appointment for the next examination.

The doctor informed him that due to overcrowding at government hospitals, the follow-up examination would only take place next year. If his heart condition worsens, it is recommended that he seek treatment at a specialized hospital. Following an arranged angiogram, it was discovered that Vicneswaran has a hole in his heart, for which he urgently requires surgery.

Vicneswaran works as a security guard, diligently putting in 12-hour shifts. He also takes on part-time work as a contract lorry driver for a small fertilizer factory. However, since his health deteriorated, he can only work part-time as a security guard, earning a daily wage of RM 50, with a monthly income of approximately RM 1500. His wife, Puwaneswari A/P Ambaalagan (36 years old), is a cleaner, earning a salary of RM1500. The couple has one child, a 5-year-old.


【Case 2: Retired firefighter with unbearable chest pain, facing a long wait for tests, hoping for a solution to his heart condition】

Mohamad Rafi Bin Shah Din, a 64-year-old retired firefighter from Kulim, Kedah, has endured excruciating chest pain that has become increasingly difficult to bear. His journey began in early March last year when he first experienced chest pain.

He sought medical attention at the hospital, where preliminary tests indicated potential heart problems. Physicians prescribed medication to alleviate his condition, and he was instructed to undergo various follow-up tests. However, after enduring a long wait, his next scheduled examination is set for December of this year.

As his chest pain has intensified and he wakes up drenched in sweat, Mohammed Rafi's condition has worsened. He can only find relief through pain-relieving medications. He is desperately hoping for a resolution to his heart condition and looks forward to returning to his normal daily life, where he enjoys helping others.

Mohamad Rafi had served as a firefighter for 40 years at the Penang Port before retiring at the age of 60. He receives a monthly pension of RM600, which is used to cover his daily expenses.

After conducting a home visit assessment, One Hope Charity has determined that both patients require medical examinations and treatments. They are actively fundraising to secure the necessary RM 48,000 to cover the medical expenses.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations