Urgent Fundraising – Muaz Harith (Fetal Distress)



A couple, who have been married for 11 years, experienced four miscarriages. After a long wait, the wife finally conceived a baby, but she had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The couple took extra care as the baby wasn’t coming easily. Unexpectedly, the baby suddenly had breathing difficulty. A check showed that the baby had meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS), which resulted in persistent metabolic acidosis.

Muaz Harith Bin Kamarul Hakim, a baby boy from Ipoh, Perak, has been in the intensive care unit for over a week. His parents are worried about his condition and are anxious about paying the increasing medical expenses. They hope the public can help them with RM35,000 for the boy’s medical bill.

【The baby boy has been hospitalised for more than a week. His lung and respiratory system problems have been resolved. However, the treatment for persistent metabolic acidosis needs more time】

The couple tried in vitro fertilisation (IVF) many times, and the wife was finally pregnant. Her pregnancy was normal, and her expected due date was 27 June. However, on 26 June, the doctor found the fetal heartbeat weak, so the doctor immediately performed a caesarean section.

The baby was fine on the first day of birth. The newborn boy had breathing difficulty when the mother was about to breastfeed him on the second day. As the hospital did not have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), he was transferred to a specialist hospital for treatment.

The father, who was excited waiting for the arrival of his son, prepared RM20,000 for the childbirth and his wife’s confinement expenses. Unexpectedly, the sudden condition of his son resulted in medical costs to soar. The father had exhausted his savings to pay the medical bill, but the baby still needs treatment in the intensive care unit.

The couple originally looked forward to the birth of their baby boy, but now, they are worried about his condition and helpless about the substantial medical expenses. The father was under great pressure and anxiety. On the one hand, the child’s condition was unclear; on the other hand, he was facing stress from the hospital, pursuing medical expenses almost daily. He was distraught throughout the interview.

Muaz Harith had fetal distress, which led to hypoxia. If he did not receive treatment, the baby would go into shock, coma, or even die. His parents were anxious and worried about the medical expenses. They had repeatedly requested to transfer the baby to a government hospital, but they had to wait for a vacancy before the baby could be transferred. His father was helpless, so he approached One Hope Charity for help.

The baby’s 39-year-old father, Kamarul Hakim Bin Mohd Daub, is a clerk with a monthly salary of RM3,000. His 38-year-old mother, Nor Musnaini Fariza Bt Mostofar, is a secondary school teacher earning RM6,750 monthly. The baby is their first child.

Besides paying for the house and car loans, the couple needs to support their parents and pay for the parent’s housing loan. The parents previously spent their savings on various IVF attempts, so they cannot afford their son’s medical expenses.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist in raising the medical expenses. The parents agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations