Urgent Fundraising – Yeoh Hoe Hin (Implantation of Steel Plate & Bone Fixation Surgery)



"I wish to be self-reliant and take care of myself without burdening others. I need the surgery to be able to stand up and walk again. Please help me."

Yeoh Hoe Hin, a single Chinese man residing in Penang, lives with his elder brother. Despite experiencing a minor stroke years ago, he managed to regain normalcy through determination and rehabilitation. He continued working to support himself.

However, a little over a month ago, he accidentally fell from a chair near his home temple, fracturing his thigh bone. After nine days of hospitalization, he was discharged with the assistance of pain medication. The doctors informed him that surgery was necessary, but the cost of the required steel plate was substantial. He needed to pay for the implant before a surgery date could be scheduled.

Yeoh Hoe Hin's aspiration is to regain independence and care for himself without being a burden to others. His fall has presented a major setback, but he remains resilient and determined to stand up once again.

On May 24th, he fell from an unstable chair and was unable to get up. An ambulance was called, and he was rushed to the hospital. Medical examinations revealed a fractured thigh bone. Although he was discharged after nine days, the persistent pain from the fracture was managed solely through pain medication.

The doctors advised that surgery, involving the insertion of a steel plate, was necessary for support. However, the cost of the required equipment had to be borne by the patient. Only after purchasing the necessary materials could the doctors schedule the surgery.

Regarding a previous steel support in his left thigh, its condition and whether it needed removal or additional screws would only be assessed during this upcoming surgery. Unfortunately, Yeoh Hoe Hin is in a desperate situation and can only appeal for assistance with the RM 35,000 medical expenses.

In his younger years, Yeoh Hoe Hin worked as a construction worker, undertaking tasks such as ironwork and electrical wiring. In his later years, he worked as a cashier in a massage parlor, earning around RM 600 per month, which allowed him to support himself.

Five years ago, he woke up unable to get out of bed. After seeking medical attention, it was confirmed that he had suffered a minor stroke. With unwavering determination, he persevered and regained the ability to walk. He later worked as a general handyman, relying on government aid to make ends meet.

Now facing a surgery cost in the tens of thousands of ringgit, he is unable to bear the financial burden. He is turning to the foundation for help, hoping to undergo the surgery as soon as possible. His goal is to regain self-sufficiency and not rely on the care provided by his nephews and nieces.

After conducting a home visit and assessment, the foundation has decided to assist Yeoh Hoe Hin in raising the required medical funds. The family has entrusted the fundraising campaign to the One Hope Charity & Welfare, and all donations will be collected through them.

For any inquiries, please contact the hotline at 04-5399212, 016-4192192, or 018-9114192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations