Urgent Fundraising – Muhammad Danial Irfan (Heart Disease)



"I need to undergo heart repair surgery. Although I may feel scared, I long for good health to engage freely in various activities, especially playing football with my friends."

Muhammad Danial Irfan bin Hairunezam from Kuala Muda, Kedah, was born with three holes in his heart. With medication, two of the holes have closed on their own, but one remains open, requiring regular check-ups.

Last year, during a check-up, it was discovered that his heart was enlarged, and he felt fatigued, unable to engage in vigorous physical activities. The doctors advised another surgery. As a single mother battling cancer, she is deeply concerned and is seeking RM 90,000 for the surgery.

【Since birth, the child has been diagnosed with a heart defect and has undergone three surgeries in the past. Despite this, the child has been able to grow up normally. Now, there is hope for another surgery to prolong life】

Muhammad Danial Irfan was diagnosed with three holes in his heart shortly after birth when a clinic nurse noticed irregularities in his breathing during a home visit. He was then referred to a hospital where tests confirmed the presence of three cardiac defects, two of which were managed with medication in hopes of spontaneous closure.

However, due to signs of asthma, surgery was recommended. Unfortunately, the initial surgery resulted in the rupture of the defect, necessitating a second procedure to repair the damage. For over a decade, regular check-ups showed no complications.

Recently, however, he began experiencing extreme fatigue, respiratory distress, low immunity, and frequent fevers, even fainting at one point. During a check-up last year, pulmonary stenosis (PS) and a 9mm ventricular septal defect (VSD) were detected, prompting the need for corrective heart surgery.

Considering Muhammad Danial Irfan's recent completion of Malaysian education certificate exams and plans for further studies, coupled with the risk of cardiac episodes from exertion, surgery was advised promptly. However, the estimated surgery cost of RM 90,000 poses an insurmountable burden for his single-parent family.

Muhammad Danial Irfan's mother, Shahhany bt Mohd Basir (47), formerly a legal firm secretary earning RM 1,200 monthly, resigned to become a full-time housewife due to childcare costs exceeding her income. Three years ago, she divorced her husband due to infidelity, raising her three children alone. In 2020, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent chemotherapy. She currently relies on welfare aid and contributions from siblings for living expenses.

Her eldest daughter, 21, is pursuing higher education, while her second son, 19, has been paralyzed at home since a car accident two years ago, requiring full-time care. Her youngest son, 18, requires heart surgery.

Shahhany now sells nutritional supplements online, earning approximately RM 500 to RM 600 monthly. Unable to afford the hefty medical expenses, she seeks assistance from One Hope Charity.

Following a home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity decided to assist in raising the required RM 90,000 for Muhammad Danial Irfan's medical expenses. The family agreed to delegate all fundraising activities to the One Hope Charity, which will also handle the collection of donations. Additionally, One Hope Charity will allocate RM 10,000 from its emergency medical reserved fund. For any inquiries, hotline can be contacted 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations