Urgent Fundraising – Muhammad Fikri (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)



*A total of RM10,000 from the “Emergency Medical Reserve Fund” has been channelled; hence, One Hope Charity will only launch fundraising of RM70,236 for this case.*

"I just want him to be like other kids, to be able to go to school, and to grow up healthy..."

With tears in her eyes, the mother, Fazliyana Binti Mohd Nidzar (45 years old), gently pats the back of her young son, Muhammad Fikri bin Mohd Fairuz. Looking at her 11-year-old son, who is afflicted with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she is filled with unease and hopes for a speedy bone marrow transplant surgery, so that their family can return to normalcy and continue to support their child's growth.

Muhammad Fikri, hailing from Selangor, was healthy since childhood. However, in 2020, he suddenly developed a persistent fever. Initially, they thought it was dengue fever, but blood tests at the hospital revealed elevated white blood cell counts and extensive bruising on his body. Further tests confirmed his diagnosis of leukemia. After two years of chemotherapy and observation, he had a favorable check-up in March of this year, leading his family to believe that the worst was behind them.

Unfortunately, during the festive period in June, he developed a high fever and started passing blood in his urine. Subsequent tests revealed cancer cell relapse and the presence of bladder stones. Fazliyana, the mother, was taken aback by this sudden turn of events, as she thought that after two years of focusing on her husband's care, and with her son seemingly recovering, she could finally shift her attention back to her husband's well-being. However, the bad news shattered her hopes.

【After the father's car accident left him unable to care for himself and work, a family of seven relies on assistance for their livelihood】

Mohd Fairuz Bin Johari (45 years old), Muhammad Fikri's father, was originally a Telekom technician with a monthly salary of RM5000. However, a car accident in 2018 caused severe head injuries that took away his ability to work. Despite appearing normal, he can't communicate, has trouble swallowing, and often chokes on his own saliva, requiring constant supervision. Due to his loss of balance, he cannot walk and relies on a wheelchair for mobility.

To focus on caring for their sick child, mother Fazliyana had to rotate her other children to take care of their father over the past two years, making it impossible to bring him to regular medical check-ups. Fazliyana used to be an administrative officer with a monthly salary of RM2800, but after her husband's accident, she had to take on the role of the household's main breadwinner. She had to take unpaid leave to care for her husband, as well as chauffeur the children to and from school and the hospital.

Apart from Muhammad Fikri, they also have four other children aged between 13 and 19, all still in school. The children haven't started working yet, and she's busy caring for both the children and her husband. The family of seven relies solely on the SOCSO and the monthly assistance from the Welfare Department.

The couple had already withdrawn their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings to clear their housing and car loans. However, they still have to cover expenses like transportation, education, utilities, miscellaneous fees, and phone bills. They struggle to make ends meet each month, sometimes having to delay paying some bills.

Regarding Muhammad Fikri's relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, doctors advised them to proceed with a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, and three of his brothers were considered as potential donors. Following tests, the hospital confirmed that his 16-year-old brother, Muhammad Faizan, is a match, and the surgery could be arranged as early as September. However, they are struggling to afford the hefty cost of RM80,236 for the transplant and medications.

After conducting a home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity has decided to assist them in raising the required RM80,236. The family has agreed to entrust the fundraising efforts to the One Hope Charity, and they will handle the collection of donations. For any inquiries, you can contact One Hope Charity's careline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations