Urgent Fundraising – Ng Weng Chai (Nursing Home & Medical Expenses)



A 76-year-old man from Bukit Mertajam, Penang, lost strength in his legs in 2020 and relied on crutches to walk. In 2021, he fell and needed to sit in a wheelchair since then. Recently, he received treatment at a hospital due to bed sores and weakness in his body. After observations, the doctor allowed him to be discharged from the hospital. However, the old man with severe bed sores on his back has difficulty moving and cannot care for himself. His 67-year-old wife, has a severe hunchback and is unable to take care of him.

Although Ng Weng Chai has five children, two of them have mental illness, one is unable to care for himself due to an accident, and one has lost contact with the family. The remaining child who needs to care for the elderly parents and her three siblings is his eldest daughter. His eldest daughter is married and has three children, who are still schooling. She works hard to support her two families. Hence, she seeks help to send his father to a nursing home to spend the rest of his life there.

【His 76-year-old wife lost the ability to work after an accident. And now, she’s severely hunched and hobbled. She needs to use crutches to walk. She is overwhelmed and cannot take care of her husband at all】

The couple is old and dependent on each other for decades, and their neighbours know their situation. In 2020, the elderly man suffered a fall and had difficulty in moving since then. He has been in a wheelchair since then and cannot care for himself. In February this year, he became weak due to bed sores. With the help of many people, they sent him to the hospital for treatment. Although he is now being discharged, the man is bedridden. His hunched wife cannot care for him.

Weng Chai was a fishmonger for over 20 years. After that, he became a construction worker. His 67-year-old wife, was a factory operator, but she injured her head in an accident in 2007. After surgery, her right hand was weak, and she could not bend her right leg. Although she could care for herself and walk around, she has lost her working ability. She and her husband have been relying on her Socso assistance of RM800 monthly to live.

Their 46-year-old eldest daughter, said she heard that her 43-year-old brother was in Johor, but they had lost contact. Her 39-year-old and 41-year-old sisters have mental illness, and both had OKU cards. Her 37-year-old brother met with an accident and was unconscious for over a month. He is now unable to take care of himself and stays in a nursing home, where his employer covers the expenses.

Their eldest daughter must pay a total of RM1,500 monthly for the shelter home of her two sisters and the food expenses of her disabled parents. She works as an employee in an insurance company with a monthly salary of RM2,000. She is married to an air-conditioner repair technician. She has to bear the expenses of her three children, who are still studying, so the heavy burden makes her breathless.

After reviewing the case and many home visits, One Hope Charity relocated Weng Chai to a nursing home. His wife wishes to live alone and doesn’t want to move to the nursing home. Although her daughter worries about her mother’s safety, she can only follow her mother’s wishes and provide her with daily meals.

One Hope Charity raises RM50,000 symbolically to cover Weng Chai's nursing home expenses, ambulance fees, and other expenses. Her elder daughter agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. If you have questions, call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations