Urgent Fundraising – Nur Qaseh Ameena (Heart Disease)



**RM10,000 has been channelled from the “Emergency Medical Reserve Fund”. Hence, One Hope Charity will only launch a fundraising of RM60,000 for this case.**

The 7-month-old baby girl, Nur Qaseh Ameena bt Muhammad Zainudin, was diagnosed with a 6mm heart defect two months after birth. While medication has been used to alleviate her condition, the heart defect hasn't closed on its own. To prevent her heart from being overly burdened, the baby relies on a feeding tube to take milk. Doctors have recommended a heart repair surgery.

This is a race against time as the baby girl from Pokok Sena, Kedah, must undergo the surgery before her heart fails, as it poses a severe threat to her young life. However, the surgery cost of RM70,000 is a heavy burden for her low-income parents. They have no choice but to seek help with the substantial medical expenses.

【To prevent the baby's heart from being overly burdened, she has been using a feeding tube to take milk since she was two months old】

The mother, while seven months pregnant, was admitted to the hospital due to the baby's rapid heartbeat. However, she received treatment and continued with the pregnancy as usual. After carrying the pregnancy to full term, the baby was born on March 28th. Since the baby did not cry at birth, she was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit for examination. Her condition improved, and she was allowed to be discharged the following day.

When the baby was two months old, she received the usual newborn vaccinations at a clinic. However, the doctor detected a heart murmur and referred her to a hospital for further examination. During the immediate examination, it was found that the baby had low oxygen levels and was given oxygen support. Detailed tests revealed a 6mm hole in the baby's heart, along with heart swelling. She was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and severe heart failure. Consequently, the baby remained in the hospital for 20 days until her oxygen levels reached 95%, at which point she was allowed to go home.

The doctor informed the family that the baby needed to weigh 8 kilograms to undergo surgery. However, due to her heart condition, she has been unable to gain weight, and currently weighs only 4.9 kilograms. In addition to a persistent cough, the baby is also experiencing low weight and a loss of appetite.

After several months of medication and observation, there have been no signs of the baby's heart hole closing. Due to concerns about the baby's heart being overloaded and leading to heart failure, she urgently needs to be referred to a specialist hospital for surgery. The required surgical cost is RM70,000.

The father, Muhammad Zainudin bin Zainol Abidin (30 years old), is a paddy farmer with an average monthly income of about RM1,500. The mother, Siti Nurazwani bt Haslili (26 years old), is a supermarket clerk with the same salary. While the mother has a stable job, taking care of the child's needs falls to the father, who works in the rice fields on weekends when his wife is not working.

Before having a child, the family was managing their expenses, but after the baby's birth, the cost of milk powder and diapers has become a significant burden. They are unable to afford the surgical expenses for the child.

Following a home visit and assessment, One Hope Charity has decided to assist in raising the RM70,000 needed for the surgery to ensure that she can undergo the procedure as soon as possible. The parents have agreed to entrust the fundraising activities to the ONE HOPE CHARITY and have authorized them to collect donations. If you have any questions, you can contact the hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, or 018-911 4192.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations