Urgent Fundraising – Tan Kek Meng (Nursing Home & Medical Expenses)



An elderly couple in their eighties, who have been married for decades, are facing a difficult situation. The 84-year-old husband, Tan Kek Meng, recently suffered a sudden stroke and is bedridden. He now requires care at a nursing home, acupuncture, physical therapy, as well as expenses for milk powder and diapers. The heavy financial burden has overwhelmed his wife.

Both of them worked until the age of 70 before retiring. They had saved up for their retirement and were enjoying their golden years. However, the unexpected stroke has left the elderly wife, who also suffers from depression, unable to provide the necessary care. She is now in a difficult position and is seeking assistance in the hope of getting through this temporary hardship.

【The elderly couple has already signed a body donation consent form, expressing their wish to donate their bodies for medical research purposes after their passing. They hope that their bodies will be used for scientific study and research, contributing to the field of medicine】

Tan Kek Meng, from Ayer Itam, Penang, dedicated his entire life to hard work. He held various positions, including indoor sales for agricultural machinery, newspaper advertising, and material control in a textile factory. He continued working even after his retirement at the age of 55, serving as an executive in a hotel until he reached 70. He relied on his savings and government assistance to cover his living expenses.

On September 25th of this year, he suddenly fell from his bed and was unable to get up. He began to experience slurred speech, which alarmed his wife. She urgently called an ambulance to take him to the hospital, where doctors confirmed a blocked blood vessel in his brain. They used clot-busting medication to clear the blockage, and he also suffered a bacterial infection during his hospital stay. After nearly a month in the hospital, he was finally allowed to be discharged. However, due to his limited mobility, his helpless wife was unable to care for him, so he had to be placed in a nursing home. She hopes that with professional care, he can recover as soon as possible.

The couple had been living a frugal life, relying on government assistance and their savings for their retirement. Their simple life was manageable until the sudden need for substantial expenses such as nursing home care, milk powder, diapers, rehabilitation, transportation, and more left the wife deeply concerned.

Wife Hwong Lee Chin (80 years old) mentioned that her husband had complained about frequent dizziness and extreme fatigue about two months ago. He also had issues controlling his diet and displayed irritable behavior. They had sought medical attention at that time, but the treatment did not lead to any improvement. Unexpectedly, he suffered a stroke on September 25th.

The couple has agreed to donate their bodies for medical purposes, hoping to give value to their deteriorating physical forms. They want their bodies to be used for research by medical institutions and contribute to humanity. They hope to give back to society in their final moments.

After conducting home visits, hospital visits, and nursing home visits, One Hope Charity has decided to assist in fundraising for Tan Kek Meng's medical expenses. The family has entrusted all fundraising activities to One Hope Charity. They will be responsible for collecting the donations.

For any inquiries, you can contact our hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-4192 192, 019-2322 192, 018-911 4192.

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