Urgent Fundraising – Tang Hoong Sern (Tongue Cancer)



"At present, I can only use my mobile phone to take photos of nice food. I can't taste them. But I am still young, so I will actively fight against cancer. Please give me a chance to live."

35-year-old insurance company staff Tang Hoong Sern, who lives in Penang Island, is the only son in his family. He lives alone after the passing of his parents, and he does not have relatives to rely on. Last year, he sought medical treatment due to tongue ulceration. After being diagnosed with tongue cancer, he actively fought against the disease. And now, part of his tongue has been removed, and he has completed his chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"During chemotherapy, many people saw that I was struggling, and they asked me why I didn't give up since my parents had passed away and I have no siblings. They asked me if living and fighting cancer alone was hard?"

Hoong Sern admitted that he did have the thought of ending his life earlier on, but when he had thought that he was still young, and the doctor also found a treatment plan that could improve his chance of survival, he decided to give himself a chance. Although he felt lonely in his journey fighting against cancer, he chose to remain positive. He had completed the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and his condition progressed well.

He exhausted his savings and insurance limit in his previous treatments, and now, the doctor suggested immunotherapy treatment that costs RM200,000. He did not want to give up treatment; hence, he turned to the public for help.

【He was actively involved in sports activities before he had cancer. He participated in marathons and enjoyed mountain climbing, Wing Chun, cycling and other outdoor activities. He also loved to look for nice food and lived a carefree life. However, his life changed drastically after he was diagnosed with cancer. And now, he can only actively receive treatment】

In early 2022, Hoong Sern often had ulcers on the right side of his tongue. The doctor only prescribed him antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications after seeing a doctor. However, the ulcers remained. At his colleague's suggestion in May last year, he went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor took some tissues for tests and confirmed that he had stage I tongue cancer. The doctor then advised him to remove part of his tongue, and the post-surgery regular observation showed that his condition was under control.

In November last year, he found that the part of his tongue that had ulcerated was painful, and the lymph nodes in the right side of his neck were protruding. Therefore, he removed about 3cm of his lymphoma in early December and underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In January this year, examinations revealed that his tongue cancer had deteriorated to stage III and had spread to the lymph nodes. He had 33 radiotherapy sessions and seven chemotherapy sessions, which made his tongue and oesophagus harden, and he could not swallow. The doctor installed a tube so that he could receive liquid nutrition through the feeding tube.

During the chemotherapy period, the doctor discovered that the tumour continued to enlarge, proving that the chemotherapy was ineffective. Therefore, the doctor recommended he start a two-year immunotherapy to improve his recovery rate. However, the treatment costs RM200,000 per annum.

He said his insurance has an annual limit of RM100,000. However, the expenses for radiotherapy and chemotherapy were paid through the company's insurance, so he had exhausted his savings and insurance's annual limit. He has no choice but to turn to One Hope Charity for help.

Hoong Sern is single. His parents had passed away, and he has no siblings. He seldom contacts his relatives. He has an aunt who is unmarried and living in a nursing home. Hoong Sern sometimes needs to pay for his aunt's expenses.

Hoong Sern works in an insurance company with a salary of about RM5,000. After he suffered from cancer and removed part of his tongue was,  his speech was slurred, so his company temporarily allowed him to work from home.

As he can't swallow, he can only be fed through a feeding tube. The formula milk powder is his most significant expense. He must take in various special milk formula types to replenish his nutrients. He needs to spend about RM2,000 every month on milk powders.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist Hoong Sern in raising the RM200,000 he needed. His family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

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