Urgent Fundraising – Wong Hui Thing (Kidney Transplant)



They had known each other for nearly 20 years. They started with frequent disagreements but later began to fall for each other and finally decided to get married. However, after giving birth to their second child, the wife’s kidneys failed, and she has to undergo dialysis since then. Her illness affected the family’s condition, and she did not want to bring more trouble to her husband and suggested divorce, but he rejected the suggestion. He also quit smoking and drinking to donate a kidney to her. However, the couple could not afford the substantial transplantation expenses, which amounted to RM167,000. They begged the public to save the wife.

38-year-old Wong Hui Thing was born with only half of her kidney function. When she gave birth to her youngest son before full term eight years ago, the reflux of amniotic fluid affected her kidney function, causing them to be soaked in water. Although the doctors had drained the excess fluid, they could not restore her kidney function. She started dialysis since then. She was initially an administrative officer in a company, but the sequelae after starting dialysis made it impossible for her to continue working.

In the past eight years, she and her 39-year-old husband, Hee Wai Woon, have considered kidney transplantation several times, but they have shelved it until now because of concerns about rejections due to antibody issues. Recently, she underwent another test at her own expense, and the doctor found that the results were satisfactory, so they recommended they go for a kidney transplant as soon as possible. However, the substantial transplantation costs became the biggest obstacle for them.

【The husband shows his steadfast love to his wife in difficult times. He takes good care of his sick wife, works hard and cares for his health, with the hope to donate a kidney to her soon】

Hui Thing and Wai Woon from Klang met at a mamak stall 20 years ago. At first, they often bickered and teased each other. Two years later, they reconnected after sending some festive messages. They gradually came together and established a relationship as they were both single.

“We were in a relationship for three years before getting married. After I delivered to my youngest son, I became ill. I told him that I wanted to divorce as I didn’t want to drag him down. At that time, he took up several jobs as he needed to pay for my dialysis, our baby’s milk powder, diapers and other expenses. He also had to go back and forth from Petaling Jaya to the hospital in Klang to care for me.”

Hui Thing has been going for regular dialysis and follow-up visits in the past few years. Wai Woon, a wireman, will arrange his work shift schedule and day off to drive her from Klang to a dialysis centre in Kota Damansara. She receives dialysis three times a week.

【The husband works hard to support the family and cannot afford the surgical expenses. He hopes the public will lend a helping hand】

After learning that his kidney was suitable for transplantation to his wife, Wai Woon took extra care of his health. He controlled his blood sugar and blood pressure and gave up smoking and drinking. To ensure his family can live a stable life, he sometimes has to work the night shift and go home to rest at dawn.

Despite working hard, his monthly salary plus overtime pay does not exceed RM4,000. Not only does he have to pay for his wife’s medical expenses, but he also has to bear the education expenses of his two sons, aged 12 and eight, and the living expenses, insurance premiums, and transportation fees of the family. Although the wife received a small amount of financial aid for her dialysis and medication fees, the couple could not raise enough money for the kidney transplantation.

Considering that the doctor recommended they undergo a transplant as soon as possible after a recent test, the couple decided to seek help from One Hope Charity. After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist Hui Thing and Wai Woon in raising RM167,000, which included kidney transplant costs, follow-up examinations and two months of living expenses as Wai Woon would not be able to work for a short period after the surgery.

The family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. One Hope Charity will allocate RM 16,000 from the "Emergency Medical Fund" for this case. Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 04-539 9212, 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192 or 018-911 4192 if you have questions.

GOAL achieved thanks for all your donations