Urgent Fundraising – Wong Vyan Cey (Heart Disease)



"Hello~Hello~Hello~Hello~~" Wong Vyan Cey, who will be two years old in April this year, will keep saying hello to strangers until they respond. She will also run around in circles, bringing out all of her toys to everyone, and she is determined to share her happiness with everyone.

Mother Lau Siow Ee and father Wong Huey Yii could only smile wryly as they observed their lively and active daughter constantly exuding a childlike atmosphere. When Vyan Cey's father stopped her from running, her mother sighed and said, "When the doctor told us she needed another surgery, we almost collapsed, because we thought she was fine when we saw her running and jumping, but it was so serious that she needed surgery in an emergency."

【A seemingly healthy growth process, but there are hidden concerns】

During a recent follow-up visit, the doctor informed them that Vyan Cey is currently suffering from pulmonary venous obstruction and must have surgery as soon as possible, or she will faint from time to time in the future, causing even more problems. Her lips and fingers do not appear cyanotic at the moment, but she will become breathless after playing with her brother or running a little.

Vyan Cey had difficulty breathing after birth and was diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease, total pulmonary venous reflux abnormality (TAPVR), and was rushed into surgery as a baby. This incident not only affected Vyan Cey's health, but also her family, particularly her mother, whose mood became depressed following the operation. Vyan Cey's grandmother decided to lend a helping hand to help take care of Vyan Cey, who was injured at the time, while also relieving the child's parents of physical and mental stress.

Vyan Cey lived in Johor with her grandparents for over a year. She would sometimes accompany her elders to Kuala Lumpur to reunite with her parents, and she would also go to the hospital for regular follow-up visits with her parents. They meet and chat almost every day via video conference to maintain parent-child contact with their daughter.

【The narrowing of the hole, like a scab on a wound, affects blood circulation.】

Despite the fact that we will go to the hospital for check-ups every three months, the doctor never mentioned that Vyan Cey would require another surgery. The doctor only mentioned that the size of the hole that was opened after the surgery will be monitored in the future. The parents, who assumed the child's body would return to normal, discovered at the end of last year that Vyan Cey's breathing had become short of breath, even breathing up to 50 times per minute while sleeping, so they scheduled testing at the hospital.

The report shows that the hole opened by the surgery is like a scab on the wound, and it is gradually shrinking, so there is pulmonary vein obstruction, which makes it difficult for blood to circulate, especially as Vyan Cey continues to grow and her activity increases, making her breathing no longer smooth and easy to pant.

My parents once asked if it was possible to avoid further surgery and take medication for treatment, but they were told that Vyan Cey's physical condition required surgery immediately and that other treatment methods were ineffective. The surgery cost RM80,000. The family tried everything they could to raise funds, but they could only afford RM20,000, leaving them RM60,000 short.

After reviewing the case following a home visit, One Hope Charity decided to assist in raising the RM55,000 surgical fee. The family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf.

Call One Hope Charity’s hotline at 016-419 2192 or  019-232 2192.




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