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SPM exam is the only way for secondary school students to prepare for the next stage of life. Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa Binti Mohd Hafiz, 18 years old this year, is one of the candidates for the SPM exam in 2022, but at this important moment, she was unable to attend the exam with her friends at school. Instead, she was forced to face the examiner alone in a hospital ward, taking part in written and oral exams.

In the past 18 years, Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa Binti Mohd Hafiz from Shah Alam, Selangor, has battled every step of the way. She had congenital heart disease at birth, was later found to have Crohn's disease and bronchiolitis obliterans, and underwent gastroenterology treatment for skin and obesity issues.

She underwent at least four operations between the ages of 9 months and 17 years, and she visited the hospital far more frequently than the average patient.

Because her veins were too thin, it was difficult for nurse to find the vein and inject medications, so the doctor opened an incision between her neck and chest cavity to facilitate future medication. Unfortunately, the stoma site frequently became inflamed. She developed abscesses at the end of January of this year, which led to a bacterial infection and several days of high fever. She was compelled to check herself into the hospital for an intravenous antibiotic infusion. Although the high fever has subsided now, the inflamed stoma still needs to be cleaned every day to avoid further affecting her heart. However, due to an overdose of antibiotics during hospitalization, she was forced to undergo dialysis for 3 consecutive days.

【She attends classes in the ward, reviews homework, and even takes the SPM exam despite her many illnesses】

She was sickly for 17 years of her life, but it didn't stop her from wanting to learn. During her hospitalisation, the hospital arranged for teachers to come to the ward and teach four main subjects one-on-one for about four hours per day.

Her mother, Sharifah Nur Aminah bt Syed Abd Hamid (41), revealed that her daughter enjoys reading. She prefers English subjects over the other eight SPM subjects. She also intends to continue taking language classes in the future.

She simply smiled and remained silent when asked if she felt confident about the SPM exam. She may not give up easily, but her firm and bright eyes show that she believes this.

Her family members advised her to forgo taking the SPM exam this year and wait for her health to improve before taking the exam next year because it just so happened to be the SPM exam period while she was in the hospital. She didn't want to waste her long-term work, though. She specifically applied to take the exam in the ward to avoid the wound becoming infected. Between February 20 and March 6, the examiner will visit the hospital with the test material and allow her to take the exam in the ward alone

The mother revealed that her daughter's fistula has been causing her to bleed when using the restroom in recent days, which is concerning. At the same time, she is concerned that her child, as a Crohn's disease patient, must continue to inject medicines to control the condition, or the consequences will be unimaginable. Family's savings for her medical expenses have been depleted over the years, and they can no longer afford the RM56,400 medical expenses this time.

【Pay the child's medical, educational, and rent expenses, and the family is unable to continue to purchase medicines for the child】

Almost all of the family's savings and monthly income have been used to repay medical expenses over the years, including surgery for the treatment of various diseases, regular follow-up visits to the hospital, the purchase of medicines, and the requirement to use the continuous positive pressure breathing apparatus CPAP every night when sleeping.

In addition to Crohn's disease medications, the family is currently paying for Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa's obesity and gastrointestinal problems medications. It costs RM300 every 6 days to curb her appetite and assist her in losing weight. She had previously experienced side effects from steroid drugs, and her weight had skyrocketed. Furthermore, due to disease and surgery, her hands and feet have lost strength, and she now requires physical therapy on a daily basis.

Father Mohd Hafiz bin Hashim (45 years old) was a salaried graphic designer before quitting last year to care for his children. He can only do contract design work now, earning about RM2,000 per month. Mother makes about RM1,000 per month selling cakes and cooked food on social media. They have four children ranging in age from four to eighteen.

After home visits, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to lend a helping hand to Nur Eiffa Hazeeqa's family and help raise RM56,400 for medical fees.

The family agreed to fully authorise One Hope Charity to take charge of the fundraising and collect donations from the well-wishers on their behalf. Call our hotline at 016-419 2192 or 019-232 2192 if you have any questions.

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