Urgent Fundraising – Yuvaneswary (Crohn’s Disease)



She lost her laughter during childhood due to a long-term illness, but the disease did not break her. Instead, she adjusted her mentality, devoted herself to her studies, and hoped to become a doctor one day. Unfortunately, she failed to get a place in any of the local universities even after she obtained excellent results in examinations. To give their full support, her parents enrolled her on a private medical university so that she could pursue her dreams. Therefore, they could not afford her medical expenses of RM33,840.

Her Crohn's Disease is now under control, and Yuvaneswary A/P Siva Kumar is now a first-semester freshman in Medicine at AIMST University in Kedah. Like other university students, she is busy with her studies and actively participates in extracurricular activities.

"As I am receiving regular injections, my condition is now stable. I don't have diarrhoea or constipation, and my appetite is okay. However, I sometimes feel tired when I am too busy with my studies. My weight is currently maintaining at around 56kg."

She is happy to take the degree course she likes and hopes to help more people in the future. She also mentioned that she joined R.E.D. Association that runs by the students to administer the underprivileged individuals in Kedah, such as sending them to nursing homes and caring for patients.

"I am pretty busy with my studies, but I like this course very much as this is what I want to do. I have been a gastroenteritis patient since young, and I know how a patient suffers. Therefore, I plan to help other children with this disease after graduation. I also plan to study further and become a specialist in gastroenterology.

【She had Crohn's Disease when she was nine, and her condition worsened at 16. Fortunately, the medicines managed to control her situation so she could continue with her education】

When she was nine, Yuvaneswary from Kuala Lumpur experienced stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. After an initial consultation, she took medicines to stop diarrhoea and vomiting. The doctor diagnosed her with Crohn's Disease when she sought treatment at a hospital the following year. The symptoms improved after taking the medications.

Unfortunately, her condition worsened when she was 16. She had pus in her intestines, so she had to use another medicine. After she started injections, her health improved significantly, and her weight reached the ideal level. However, the medication was expensive. It cost RM33,840 for two years; she underwent the treatment once every two months. At that time, her father withdrew his E.P.F. to pay for the treatment.

Due to Crohn's Disease, she took an extended sick leave. She could not attend school like other children or participate in extracurricular activities. Although she was sad, she had to accept that she was ill. She also changed her mind to focus on her studies, resulting in her excellent results of 9A1B in the S.P.M. She later achieved a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.0 in her foundation at a local university.

However, Yuvaneswary did not receive a place in local universities. With studying medicine as her goal, she turned to a private university that offers a bachelor's degree in medicine. She received a loan from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to cover 75% of her tuition fees—the remaining expenditures, such as accommodation, transportation and living expenses paid by her family. The actual monthly payments are more than RM1,100.

【Her family experiences great financial burden, and it is hard for them to pay for her medical expenses】

Yuvaneswary's 53-year-old father, Siva Kumar, and 46-year-old mother, Kalai Vanni, are a deliveryman and a customer service staff, respectively. Their combined monthly income is less than RM4,000. She has two sisters, one studying in a college and the other in secondary school, and elderly grandparents. The couple has to pay for the education fees of their three children, their parents living expenses, the car loan, utility bills and others. They are worried because they cannot afford their eldest daughter's medical expenses.

The parents approached One Hope Charity for help to ensure she could continue her studies. During the case review, One Hope Charity considered Yuvaneswary's hard work, spirit, and her family's condition. The organisation later agreed to assist Yuvaneswary in raising RM33,840 for her medical expenses.

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