Little Xin Yuan is very adorable. Hearing loss that affected both her ears attracted sympathy and public started to donate for her medical needs. The RM110,000 shortfall for her cochlear implantation is fully raised. She is expected to undergo her cochlear implantation two weeks later. She needs your prayer and hope that everything goes smoothly so that she could get out of the silent world.

One Hope Charity launched a fundraising campaign for Xin Yuan on Saturday (June 12). Her lovely appearance has attracted concern and donations from well-wishers were overwhelming. The RM110,000 fund needed was successfully raised in a span of only two days. Little Xin Yuan will be admitted to hospital on Tuesday (June 15) for MRI and CT Scan, and she is expected to undergo her cochlear implantation after two weeks.

Xin Yuan from Sungai Siput in Perak was diagnosed with binaural hearing loss early this year. After a series of assessments and tests, doctor confirmed that she is suitable for cochlear implantation and the procedure can be done for her both ears concurrently.

Hearing is very important for a child as it would affect a child’s language and social development in the future. Therefore, the earlier the cochlear implantation is being done, the lesser the impact of hearing loss will be. Therefore, the cochlear implantation for Xin Yuan at this golden hour could minimise the hearing loss impact of her development.

Xin Yuan is two years old and this is the most suitable timing for the cochlear implantation. After the surgery, she have to undergo speech therapy  to improve her ability in speaking.

Since the launching of the fundraising campaign for Xin Yuan, a lot of donations came in. Many kind-hearted well-wishers were concerned about her condition. The shortfall of RM110,000 surgical fee has been successfully raised in a short period of time. Together with RM80,000 borne by the family, she has gotten the full amount of surgical feel amounting to RM190,000.

Her family members wish to express their gratitude to all the donors through One Hope Charity. With all your help, Xin Yuan could undergo her cochlear implantation at the earliest time possible and get out of the silent world.

Part 1:Fundraising