The boy, Muhammad Ali Farhan looks healthy. In fact, he suffers from asthma from time to time. It is because his heart is already broken and required to undergo surgery to repair his heart.

The fundraising of surgical fee of RM60,000. 00 for the 7-year-old Muhammad Ali Farhan from Pinang Tunggal in North Seberang Prai has completed. His operation has been scheduled and will be perform in right condition.

He has been suffered from heart defects and vascular malformations since after birth. He had undergone a heart repair operation when he was one month of age. As he grows older, he needs a second heart surgery to solve the problem of congenital heart disease once and for all.

The parent would also like to express their gratitude to well-wishers for helping their son without regard for race and religion.

Part 1:Fundraising