Wan Ayman Zhafan who suffered from Congenital heart disease was accompanied by his mother and came to IJN for medical advice. His surgery will be scheduled soonest.

Wan Ayman Zhafan who is from Sarawak was diagnosed with heart defect. He does not require any treatment previously. Throughout these years, he did not show any symptoms but during his latest checkup, doctor found out that his heart is deteriorating and had transferred him to IJN.

His father is a warehouse security guard who draws a monthly income of RM1,500. His mother is a housewife and they are not able to pay for the surgery expenses. With the blessing from the generous public, his surgery fee of RM36,000 was successfully accumulated.

Due to financial constrictions, his mother accompanied him to IJN for surgery.

His father thanked the generous public and One Hope Charity through phone call and hope that his son can have a successful surgery.

Part 1:Fundraising