【Part 2: Fundraising Completed】A baby boy was diagnosed with serious heart disease shortly after he was born and needed to undergo three surgeries in stages. The two surgeries have finished up the savings of his family but the 10-month-old baby boy needs to undergo his last surgery. He needs generous public to help him with the RM80,000 surgical fee to continue his life


“Thank you everyone. This is Muaz Aidan’s last heart surgery. After this, he will grow up healthily.”

Muaz Aidan Bin Mohammad, a baby boy who had undergone two heart surgeries, was urgently in need of RM80,000 for his third heart surgery. And now, the medical expenses he needed have been successfully raised. Hence, One Hope Charity will stop the fundraising immediately. The baby boy will be undergoing his surgery on September 29.

He was the baby that his parents welcomed after they waited for many years, but he was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a serious heart disease shortly after he was born.

Looking at their lovely son, who might lose his life at any time and urgently needed RM80,000 surgical fee, the parents were worried as they are not from wealthy family. One Hope Charity had launched a fundraising for the baby boy which received overwhelming response from generous individuals.

The baby’s family members thanked all the well-wishers who offered help regardless of race and religion, so that their son could undergo the surgery in a short period of time. Let’s continue to pray for the baby boy and hope that his surgery could be carried out smoothly.

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