Muhammad Zayyan Arshad bin Muhammad Zahren Haiqal from Langkawi, Kedah, will undergo surgery on the 19th of this month. Although the child's journey to find a doctor is very difficult, the parents have no hesitation and only hope that their child will grow up safely and healthily.

It was not easy for the parents to take Muhammad Zayyan Arshad to Penang to find a doctor. They needed to take a speedboat one day earlier to stay with relatives in Perlis for one night. They set off to the hospital early the next morning, and they couldn't catch the last boat on the return journey, so they had to stay overnight and then take the boat to the island the next day.

As the required RM83,000 has been raised, the fundraising will be stopped from now on. The parents are very grateful for the assistance from the public, because without the public donation, the child cannot have surgery and cannot continue to grow up healthy.

Part 1:Fundraising