“I really appreciate your donations. I am so grateful that you came forward to help my child without regard for race and religion. She is a strong girl. With all your support and blessings, I believe that she will grow up healthily.”

Shy but adorable girl Nur Afia Mikayla Binti Abdul Khaliq suffers from serious heart disease. At the age of two, she had already undergone three heart surgeries. During a follow-up visit recently, the doctor discovered that one of her heart defects showed signs of deterioration. After a thorough examination, she needed a heart repair surgery as soon as possible.

Her mother Aizatul Melissa Binti Abdullah said that her daughter was diagnosed with serious congenital heart disease three hours after she was born, and she had undergone three surgeries. This time, it will be a complicated surgery, and she hopes that the surgery will go smoothly.

Nur Afia Mikayla is still in the growth stage. Due to the heart disease, her parents have to control her movements to avoid giving extra burden to her heart.

The RM90,000 surgical fee she needed has been successfully raised. Her parents thank the public for their donations so that their daughter can undergo surgery and grow up healthily.

Part 1:Fundraising